Ngoc Vuong

Front-end Developer

A self-taught front-end developer who is passionate about technology. I would love to understand things to their fundamentals and write about them occasionally. I love programming, video games and guitar.

React sports

An real-time online sport platform which allows users to bet on a wide variety of sport matches or tournaments all around the world .


React Sports uses React and its ecosystem libraries for client-side.


HOLLER! made mobile engagement more easy with many features such as insight dashboard, smart segment and marketing automation. App communication is simple to use by choosing mobile engagement channel, composing a message and sending notifications with advanced user targeting.


Holler is built with React and its ecosystem libraries such as Redux and React-router on the client side. The backend is handled with Python

Global Health and Travel

Travellers' App

A platform that provides reliable, affordable, and high-quality medical care for travelers across various country like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, etc. Global Health and Travel is ideally positioned to facilitate the connecting of care, with a complete medical concierge service and platform that spans print, digital, mobile, and social media channels.


Global Health and Travel is built on with React and Redux on client side while the backend is created with php

Thien Chi website

Vietnamese non organization and non-profit organization for training and social development. It was established in 2004 and was registered by VUSTA (Vietnam Union of Scientific and Training Association) in 2005. Today, Thiện Chí operates in 3 districts; Đức Linh, Tánh Linh and Hàm Thuận Nam, in the Binh Thuan province in southern Viet Nam.


ThienChi website is built with boostrap 3 for responsive layout and using wordpress for content management. The backend is powered by php

Kanban App

A small application allows users to create lanes and tasks just like Kanban board


Kanban App is built on with React and Redux on client side. No backend is required on this project

Tools I Use